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Protecting You From Negligent Semi Drivers

When the inadequate training of a truck driver results in a serious accident, both the driver and the trucking company should be held responsible. At AA Law, that is exactly what we will do.

CASE SPOTLIGHT: AA Law obtained a record recovery for a injured mother when a truck driver who had been improperly trained slammed into the back of her car on Interstate 16 near Dublin, Georgia. A truck driver claimed that our client’s vehicle was traveling too slowly on the highway and that the slow speed caused the wreck.

Paul Ayerbe was able to prove that the truck driver was improperly trained in his scanning or looking technique that all truckers use. During the video deposition of the truck driver, Paul Ayerbe asked the driver to show him the scan by placing his hands on an imaginary steering wheel and performing the procedure. The truck driver looked away from the front of the imaginary vehicle for over 30 seconds mimicking his scan of his mirrors, instruments and side windows. The demonstration showed that the trucker had been improperly trained in his scan technique to look away a dangerously long time. The trucking company faced with this damaging evidence resolved the case for 4.18 million dollars. It is believed that the trucking company’s training relating to scans has been changed as well.

Georgia 18-Wheeler Truck Injury Lawyers Holding Drivers And Companies Accountable

We have been helping injured clients who were involved in accidents caused by inadequate truck driver training for decades. From our law office in Macon, attorney Paul Ayerbe and our team of lawyers are not only committed to maximizing your compensation to help you recover from your injuries, but also to genuinely making a difference with your case.

Our truck accident cases often involve:

  • Improper/no driver’s training by the trucking company
  • Improper/no trucking safety training by the trucking company
  • Inadequate/no background experience check on drivers

Negligent drivers and companies should be required to take responsibility for careless actions that caused harm to others. By filing a lawsuit against irresponsible drivers and companies, you can make a conscious effort to stop unsafe business practices and protect the public from future tragedies.

AA Law will take that stand with you by preparing an effective defense strategy with the help of knowledgeable industry experts. If your accident was caused by improper training, we will tirelessly strive to prove it. It can be sometimes challenging to identify all parties responsible for your injuries. If you believe that inadequate training was not the only factor in your accident, we will work to discover all possible parties that may have contributed to the accident, including shippers, brokers or even insurance companies in some cases.

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