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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is complicated. If you’ve suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one, you likely have countless questions. We have answers.

AA Law is committed to helping you with your personal injury case. Our lawyers have spent decades helping people from all walks of life pursue the compensation they deserve after someone else’s wrongdoing has caused them harm.

Below, you will find general information on common personal injury questions. Reach out to our attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your specific questions and concerns.

Could I still have a personal injury claim if I don’t feel seriously hurt?

Yes. Right after an accident, you’ll likely have a rush of adrenaline that could last up to several days. The adrenaline could cover up symptoms and pain caused by extensive injuries that aren’t immediately obvious. For that reason, you should get medical attention as soon as possible after an accident, even if you feel fine. Establishing a medical record now can pay dividends later.

That’s also why it’s so important not to take the insurance company’s first offer for damages right after your accident. You might be more injured than you realize, and if you accept that first offer, you could end up leaving significant money on the table.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

In some cases, wrongdoing is obvious. Perhaps a vehicle ran a red light and T-boned you, for example. But with many accidents, it’s not always clear who was at fault or whether negligence was involved – at least, not at first. An investigation may be necessary to uncover critical details that shed light on liability.

An experienced attorney can evaluate whether you have a personal injury claim. Our lawyers know how to conduct thorough investigations and dig deep to find out what went wrong and who was at fault.

Who is liable after a trucking accident?

Truck accidents can be exceedingly complex. So many different people are involved in a single trip for a single truck. Beyond just the driver, there is also the dispatcher, the trucking company, the mechanic, the parts manufacturer, the shipper and numerous other potential parties – any one of whom may have been at fault in contributing to your accident. A good lawyer knows how to untangle the complex web of liability in truck accident cases.

What are the signs of a reckless driver?

The best way to minimize the consequences of a car accident is to avoid reckless drivers altogether. Dangerous drivers often exhibit similar signs, including swerving, irregular speeds, speeding, road rage, using their phone, tailgating and not using signals. If you suspect a driver is dangerous, it is better to let them gain distance ahead of you than it is to stay near them.

What should I do after my accident?

Immediately after your accident, call an ambulance for anyone that needs one and file a report with the police. Next, collect the license, insurance and car information of the driver that hit you. Be sure to report your accident to your insurance provider, but avoid answering any detailed questions about the accident, as it is better to have an attorney present when talking to insurance companies. If you are able to move safely about the scene of the crash, take photos and videos of the accident, and record any witness testimony that is available. Lastly, contact an experienced law firm for the representation you need to get through your personal injury claim.

What mistakes should I avoid after my accident?

There are some actions that an accident victim can make that have the potential to reduce or eliminate the compensation from their personal injury claim. The most common mistake a victim can make is apologizing at the scene of the accident when they are not at fault. This is often a reflexive action that can cause a victim to share liability with the at-fault driver. Next, talking to an insurance company on your own can result in them wrongly deciding not to offer a settlement. Even when they are “just asking routine questions,” you should have your attorney at your side.

What is my claim worth?

Every injury claim is unique, and so is the compensation they receive. The money you receive for your injuries should reflect the current and future costs of your injuries, including medical bills, lost income, loss of earning potential, loss of bodily function, loss of consortium, loss of life enjoyment, and pain and suffering. Your legal representation can help you negotiate for a settlement that accurately covers the costs of your injuries.

How do I pay my medical bills before I get compensation for an accident?

If you have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage through your auto insurance, you can use that to cover your medical bills after an auto accident. If you don’t have PIP, your health insurance may cover those expenses. As a last result, you may have to incur medical bills out of pocket. The important thing is to get the treatment you need when you need it. An attorney can sort out the liability later. If another party was at fault for your accident or injuries, you can pursue financial recovery for all of the accident-related expenses you’ve incurred.

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