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Case Results

  • $5 million dump truck wrongful death case – Defendant tried to claim there was only 1 million in coverage, but we were able to show that another companies insurance policy also applied allowing us to get an additional $4 million for the family.
  • *$5 million dump truck wreck resulting in death due to driver inattention
  • $4.2 million – in Houston County on behalf of a member of the sheriff’s department
  • *$2 million – tractor-trailer collision with neck and back injuries
  • $2 million tractor-trailer wreck – Our client was driving a tractor-trailer when he was sideswiped by another tractor-trailer. We were able to show that the at-fault driver had driven over the federally mandated maximum hours of driving leading him to fall asleep and cause the wreck.
  • $1.9 million – tractor-trailer wreck with back injuries
  • $1.6 million – wrongful death case
  • $1.5 million – motorcycle crash with fractured ribs and a fractured shoulder
  • $1.4 million – wrongful death case against the state (which was 400K above the cap)
  • $1.3 million- tractor-trailer collision resulting in left hip and leg fractures
  • $1.25 million – portion of the ceiling fell and struck client on the head while dining at a restaurant, resulting in neck surgery
  • *$1.1 million – passenger in auto collision, resulting in back injury
  • $1.1 million – passenger in vehicle struck by tractor-trailer resulting in back injury
  • $1 million – settlement for broken leg against Asplundh Tree Co.
  • $1 million – policy limits for wrongful death big truck accident
  • Confidential Settlement for improper dealer prep for a motorcycle
  • $1 million – slip-and-fall on ice. We were able to show that the motel did not follow its own rules regarding ice prevention which led to the outdoor stairs being unsafe.
  • *$1 million – slip-and-fall on icy steps at a hotel resulting in neck and back injuries.
  • $1 million – passenger auto collision – Our client was injured in a car crash. The at-fault driver had $100,000 in coverage. The insurance company failed to timely pay our demand for the policy limits and ended up paying 1 million more to resolve the case!
  • $900,000 – medical malpractice involving misdiagnosis of cancer
  • $900,000 – tractor-trailer wreck with neck injuries
  • $875,000 – back injury caused by big truck accident
  • Confidential settlement after jury verdict with power company vehicle.
  • $872,000 – rear-ended by tractor-trailer neck injury.
  • $825,000 – Motorcycle wreck caused by improper assembly of handlebars.
  • $785,000 – tractor-trailer collision with another tractor-trailer resulting in neck injury.
  • $720,000 – Rear end motor vehicle collision involving DUI at-fault driver and soft tissue injuries
  • $600,000 – Tractor-trailer wreck with neck injury
  • $500,000 – MVA with neck injury
  • $475,000 – big truck arm injury – police said the truck was not at fault
  • $275,000 – Wrongful death arising out of Police chase that collided with tractor-trailer in Dublin, GA disputed liability
  • $250,000 – For a woman who injured her neck in a car accident
  • $195,000 – For DOT worker who injured his back when a trash truck hit his back hoe
  • $175,000 – Nursing home abuse in South GA – pressure sores