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Aggressively Holding Georgia Drunk Drivers Accountable For Their Careless Behavior

Driving drunk is a serious offense with even more serious consequences. Unlike accidents involving unsafe road conditions or bad weather, drunk driving accidents are 100 percent avoidable.

AA Law holds irresponsible drunk drivers accountable for the injuries they have caused our clients throughout Middle Georgia. We have obtained millions of dollars in damages for clients who have suffered physical, financial and property damages in serious motor vehicle accident cases.

Georgia DUI Accident Attorneys Standing Up For Your Rights

In Georgia, any person who has a BAC of more than .08 is considered intoxicated and is legally prohibited from operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, laws against drunk driving do not dissuade some people from recklessly climbing behind the wheel and playing a game of drunken roulette with the lives of other drivers on Georgia roadways.

We are adamant about holding drunken drivers responsible for accidents they cause. Drunk driving claims are important to pursue because they not only can prevent a driver from getting behind the wheel again but also act as a bold statement from the community that drunken driving will not be tolerated. Make your case matter by pursuing punitive damages after an auto accident.

Learn more about what the lawyers at AA Law can do for you if your loved one lost his or her life in a deadly car accident.

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