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Why is Gray Highway so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Gray Highway is a known spot for many pedestrian fatalities. But why is this area so bad, and are authorities working to make it safer?

Fixing the problem requires looking into why it is such a hazard. But potential solutions could help to save lives.


One of the reasons why Gray Highway is a concern is it has six lanes of traffic that move along at fast speeds. There are all sizes of vehicles barreling down the road, which increases the risks to pedestrians.


The walking areas around the highway are also not well-kept. They feature tall grass that makes walking difficult. But for many in the area, this is the best path to take to get to amenities, such as the grocery store.


The Pedestrian Safety Review Board seems like it has the task of identifying and addressing areas that are dangerous for pedestrians, but they have yet to tackle Gray Highway. The reality is the group typically sticks with education programs and not addressing the actual risk factors or issues. The board is not likely to properly help with the problem, but it could appeal to the state for help.

Unfortunately, the state is managing a lot of roads, and money only goes so far. There is also a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. It can be tough to sway the state to tackle an issue like this. In addition, the PSRB hasn’t taken much of an interest in tackling the Gray Highway issue.

Fixing this deadly pedestrian area may not be easy. It could take a lot of pushing by citizens to get some action.