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Were You Hit By A Car While On Your Bike Or Crossing The Street?

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can be severe resulting in catastrophic injuries. At AA Law, we have recovered more than $25 million on behalf of our personal injury clients. With an office in Macon, we fight for injured clients throughout Georgia. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, we can help.

Common Causes Of Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

When you are crossing a busy street or riding in a bike lane, there is an inherent danger. Anytime you are stepping onto a street or sharing the road while on your bike, there is a risk that a faster, larger vehicle (like a car or truck) may cause a lot of damage. Bikers and pedestrians are vulnerable simply because of the size and speed of cars and trucks in traffic. The most common causes of motor vehicle collisions with bikes or pedestrians include:

  • Distracted driving: Distracted drivers might fail to see cyclists or pedestrians.
  • Driver error: A driver who makes a turn without looking or misjudges the space might not see or leave enough room for the cyclist or pedestrian.
  • Reckless driving: Drivers who weave through traffic, make unsafe lane changes or ignore stop signs and traffic lights don’t always see pedestrians or cyclists.
  • Driving while impaired: Drivers who are operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol have a reduced reaction time.
  • Fatigued driving: Drivers who are too tired or fatigued to operate their vehicles can fall asleep at the wheel, causing accidents or injuries to cyclists and pedestrians.

When drivers fail to see or yield to bicycles or pedestrians, the one who is most likely to get hurt is the cyclist or pedestrian. By following the rules of the road, accidents and injuries can be prevented.

Georgia Pedestrian And Cycling Accident Statistics

More than 6,500 pedestrians died in car crashes in the United States in 2020, accounting for 17% of total traffic deaths. Nearly 55,000 were injured. Georgia ranked eighth highest in the nation in pedestrian deaths in 2020, with 279 fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That number increased to 309 the following year, in 2021.

In 2020, 938 cyclists died in traffic accidents in the U.S., a 9% increase from the previous year. Nearly 40,000 were injured. The same year, 32 cyclists died in traffic in Georgia, the most in eight years. The good news is that the number decreased by more than half in 2021, with 15 cyclists in the state passing in crashes.

Motor Vehicle Collisions With Bicycles Or Pedestrians Can Cause Severe Injuries

No matter how or why the accident or collision happened, motor vehicle accidents involving a bicyclist or a pedestrian can be severe and cause catastrophic injuries. Injuries that a cyclist or pedestrian sustains during an accident with a vehicle commonly include:

  • Head injuries ranging from cuts and lacerations to skull fractures
  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations to the face
  • Broken bones and fractured limbs
  • Internal bleeding, bruises and torn ligaments
  • Death

If you or someone you love has been injured or even killed by a car or truck in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, we can help.

Safety Tips For Cyclists And Pedestrians

Some bicycle and pedestrian crashes are unavoidable. And overall, the onus is on drivers to prevent these accidents. However, there are some things cyclists and pedestrians can do to promote their own safety on the road, including:

  • Sticking to bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks whenever possible
  • Obeying traffic signs and signals
  • Wearing bright colors for enhanced visibility
  • Being vigilant of their surroundings
  • Using lights and wearing reflective materials when out after dark

These additional safety measures can only do so much to protect cyclists and pedestrians from negligent drivers. If you get hit by a car while traveling on foot or riding a bicycle, our attorneys are here to help you seek justice.

What To Do If You Get Hit While Walking Or Cycling

After a bicycle or pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle, do the following things:

  • Move to a safe location
  • Call the police and emergency medical services
  • Gather as much information at the scene as you can from the driver and witnesses
  • Have the police fill out an incident report and provide a statement
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible
  • Contact our firm to discuss your legal options

Taking the above steps can help you along your recovery journey.

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